Time...is everything.

I have a HORRIBLE time with time. Ask anyone who knows me. I just can't seem to figure it out, or over estimate or be on time. I'm only on time for flights, really. And shipping. I always ship my goods out on time, because I KNOW that someone else is counting on me..for real.

I guess when it really realllly really counts, I am fine. Craft shows- no problem. The strict yoga teacher- no problem (if I actually remember, but my memory is a whole other post). Movies- eh...I would like to see all the previews someday!

I'm learning, slowly, how to over estimate. Ive figured out that if I over estimate by 20 minutes then I will only be 5 minutes late. I tell my friends and family that they are allowed to trick me into the right time, by giving me the wrong. It's totally fine with me. I live with someone that actually understands time, and how long five minutes takes. Thank god I have him! He's my personal time trainer...I DO think I've improved in the last 5 years.

So..I have a HORRIBLE time with time.

Today I think I've figured out why.

I have a packing table that I use everyday. It's the first thing in my studio and the hub of getting organized. Its the main event! I love that table. I keep it cleaner than anywhere in my studio. Always a nice open space. Business cards, envelopes, tape and items ready to ship.

I looked up at the shelf on the table and gave my self a good laugh. If this is any reflection of whats going on in my head, I may never catch up....
Can you see whats wrong with this picture?

It was taken on February 16, 2008 @ 4pm.

I'll post "soon" with the asnwers!


High Desert Diva said...

lovin' that old calendar

Angela said...

Lady, you need to reset your clock!

But great space. I'm jealous of that natural light!

Anonymous said...

Saturday December 8th:

1542 Mary, Queen of Scotts is born

1894 James Thurber (american writer) is born

1925 Sammy Davis Jr. is born

1941 the day after Pearl Harbor, US/Britain/Australia declare war on Japan

1991 The Soviet Union becomes "Commonwealth of Independent States

I'm sure you have your own reason for holding onto the date so dearly.


Starry Designs said...

I hope you go to the PO in the morning and not try to reach there just before they close. You would be 45 min late! ;)

idyll hands said...

Haha - I thought I was behind with my calendar.

Caroline said...

I'm not bad with hours and minutes, but when it comes to what actual DAY it is, I'm usually stumped. I always forget to change my calendars over each month!