It's time to RELAX!

I'm so happy this year that we actually have a fireplace to decorate!
It's very cute, and I love all things that can be made into extra special events, like sitting on the floor. A fireplace surely makes that a much more special occasion. This is our first fire of the season, only because we kept forgetting that we had a fireplace. Yes, it is in the main room, front and center, but oh, I know there is no excuse. We don't have a tree this year, due to space, but this more than makes up for it. When I wake up and see this I feel like its time to celebrate, and when its night I feel warm and cuddly.
The decor:
The garland was on sale 70% off this weekend, thats the benefit of decorating late in the season! The glittery glass ornaments were a gift last year, and they are very special and will always be featured in my Holiday decor as long as I don't break them. They are so big and fragile they scare me. The stockings were decorated by each of us, decorating the others. The cute doll on the mantle is a doll my mother made named 'pepper'- she's the one opening the etsy shop called SewSoft, once she gets back from Prague...right mom? And the wonderful painting on the mantle is a permanent fixture, and is also very special to me. It was painted by Johns grandmother and was a gift to our new family. It's not only an heirloom, but incredibly
beautiful to look at everyday.


Jen Vecc said...

merry christmas !! and lots of hugs :)

Chris said...

Wow, this looks very cozy and happy! And the painting is awesome.