Little Update on Holiday Things (vague enough?)

Today is the last day of the fused glass sale!
Okay so you dont have to run, but there are still some lovelies in the shop I must say.
And if you dont need any glass...maybe you just needed a butterfly wing necklace MORE!*

*This is the most popular style this year, (glass style), next to the oval monarch design.

I have been insanely busy with butterflies this season! For the Holidays people are going bonkers for these little peices of nature. I LOVE IT!!!! I am up at night hunched over in my studio mixing and making and finishing and polishing these little delights. They have been made to order, basically because I cant get ahead of orders. I cant seem to make more than I need. But thats fine with me. I have been SOOO happy this season with my etsy shop and 6 craft shows. I feel like Ive worked harder than I ever have, and thats rewarding beyond description. This year, unlike the last two on etsy, I have decided to stop shipping on Dec 21. This is my physical reward, my Christmas present to myself (besides the stationary tape dispenser!!).

a butterfly production line photo

Also, more on 'the shop', among being busy enough to be losing sleep, I have added my newest little lovelies- the Glitter Pop Pendant. TADA!!

I like these because they aremade just 'for the fun of it'. I like the sparkle and I like to see what color combinations I come up with. They are like little candies to me, so I want to keep making more.

Back to orders now, a few more days for "the push" to continue. I cant wait to finally decorate for Christmas this weekend! (yeah i know)

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