Thursday Three (or 12) Wedding Edition

Something Old, Something New

For this Thursday Three I've made a treasury!
I couldn't resist going overboard today, since it's been a while since my last T3 (oh i just came up with that! feeling clever!).

Weddings are a great excuse to go overboard with accessories & favors, and an appropriate time to inherit or gift heirlooms. I LOVE weddings..oh the acoutrements!!

I've included two of my sisters works in there too, flowers for your hair by AnnMarie, and sterling hair spears by Monique. They both work very hard at what they do, full time, and I want to show everyone else what they make too!

Visit this list, where you can comment, click and buy it all. Buy one for me while you're at it :)


1 comment:

Blush Envy said...

Thanks for including my paper necklace among all these gorgeous finds!