Where have I been? The STUDIO!

Phew! I'm still here in the studio too, this is just a fun* break to let you know I am coming up for air at some point in...lets say..September, or so (wink).
Though I dream of lounging around in the summer sunshine,
I have been very lucky and very happy to be BUSY!
Okay, okay, Ive had my fair share of summer, and will have posts eventually highlighting the lovliness that warm weather brings (re: eating a 10 pound lobster, row boat under shooting stars, watching a blue heron while I drink coffee.) I certainly have my fair share of awesome between the 12 hour days of making orders.**
Here's my latest order, going out the door today, heading off to Canada.

Its for a bride, and a very colorful wedding party!

I am loving the bright colors that she and her fiance chose. Often they pull together a look with repetition, but this one is all about variety. These are all real butterfly wings, for those that don't know my work yet.

Up next- a boutique in Massachusetts and wholesale in Pennsylvania! Hooray!

*fun = anything that doesn't have to do with envelopes and stamps
**I suppose I started this madness:)

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