Sneak Peek...Butterfly RINGS!

These have been a long time in-the-works. They are in the final stages of design and testing, and im SO ANXIOUS to get them out there for everyone. I just want to shout it out I HAVE WING RINGS (wait! soon sooooon, dont stampede just yet)! Im still testing the strength and the underside of the design, and don't want to release them and have them come back to me. Ever. So, at least I have all the components together for once. YAY!
Heres a sampling of what's to come to the Popko Shop next.....

Real Butterfly Wing Rings The cup sterling silver, the base is silver plated in a gorgeous hammered pattern. Chunky and solid and fabulous. And adjustable! Exactly what I wanted. I hope its exactly what YOU wanted too!
I will certainly give an update the second these are up for grabs and special order. Seriously, Im squirming over here. I couldnt be happier.


Cicada Studio said...

Wah! Very cool (and dramatic!). My son and I raise black swallowtails in the summer (when we find the caterpillars). Butterfly wings area truly amazing thing. This magnifies them beautifully.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

Jen Vecc said...

crystal- those are wonderful! i love them. congrats! yay for squirming with excitement :)

capitolagirl said...

Those are beautiful, beautiful butterfly rings. What a great idea, they look fabulous!