Newsletter Giveaway!

I have, once again, dragged my feet. My toes should be worn down by now.

When you sign up for my mailing list/newsletter, I offer that I will send you an email once a month (ha!) with specials and a giveaway. Now, all you who have joined, KNOW this isnt true. I only send about four newsletters a year (toes wearing off). They do work pretty well, I have to say. People really took advantage of the subscriber only specials (awesome!) and/or at least read the email I sent.

The only thing I really feel bad about is that I havent been sending them one once a month, as promised. This stinks because that means there was no prize drawing!

So, what I will do tomorrow, as I have done in the past, is make up for it.All of those crossed fingers and hopes of winning something FREE, can come true tomorrow!

I will be choosing 6, yes SIX!! newsletter subscribers tomorrow. Then I wont have a guilty conscious, and six people wil have a shiny new handmade item from my product line. OOOH!

Im a little wrapped up in my busy craft show season madness to write a proper newsletter, so I will do what I can in the meantime.

Thank you ALL for subscribing, and if you are reaading this for the first time...sign up now (in the box on your left) and be included in the drawing tomorrow! Easy peasy.

Winners will be posted here (not your full name, dont worry).

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