Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

It's November and time to build the "tree"!
I will be away this weekend with my family to build our annual Holiday Tree made out of Lobster traps! Its an art project/ holiday decoration that my dad started a few years ago. It sits in the center of Provincetown, MA about 17' tall.

We start by lugging traps from lobstermens yards or winter storage area (we need about 80?), build it, cut and paint planks for sturdiness, tie it together with 'plastics' (zip ties), string lights, add bows, decorations, buoys on top, the whole nine yards- I mean two miles.... of ribbon! I want to get into the details of it all, since i think its a pretty BIG deal. I'll save it all for the new photos after this weekend.

I have to go pack, but heres some photos from last years build. Hopefully I will have some stories after the weekend about holiday cheer and not-too-sore muscles.

Have a great weekend!

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