Hello Hollywood!

Heres a glimpse of a few new earring designs I've been working on. I hope to have them in the shop next week. Unless anyone wants to volunteer to write a fetching description for me!

These earrings make me think of someone dressing up for a big event. They all have something that make me drool, like the juicy pinks, the sparkle of the silver and crystal, the jewel tones. I had holiday parties in mind when I satrted these, and boy do I want to go to one now!

All of these beads (except the cherry pink ones) are czech glass, picked up on one of my trips to Czech Republic to visit my sister. Now thats a good 'business' trip!


lilybirddesigns said...

Oh I love them! But sorry, I'll leave the description writing to you. Great color and earwire design:)

Chris said...

I love those second ones! Very pretty :)

Dajon said...

That was a suprise ! getting a comment from the family that build
the lobsterpot tree.

We love Provincetown and usually visit for a holiday and June and twice for Thanksgiving, however we were unable to make the trip this year.

Visit our blog again soon we have some more PTOWN pictures planed before Christmas.

Hope your craft fairs are going well.

Happy Holidays.

shopPOPKO said...

oh my dad was so happy you blogged about it, he printed out your page!