Happy New Year!

I don't know where to begin my year, exactly. I like refreshing things, and starting anew. I know you can do this at any time of the year, but it always seems appropriate now, just as in the spring you clean and in the fall you nest. No? There's something about the group effort now too, that makes it easy. Everyone talks about resolutions, everyone cleans up after the parties and straightens up the home. Everyone is in on the action. So what "action" am I taking?
Cleaning might be a good one to start...

I usually can't keep a "New Years resolution", as making grand changes in my life can't just be thought of and then 'done'. They always fall apart or are just forgotten. If I resolve to do something, it wont be 'because I said so' on New Year's day. What I can do though, is make a few tiny changes or have some directions to follow.

Heres a small "resolution", in quotes because it really isnt much of a resolve, as it is a change, or addition to my life- I am going to try to take a photo of myself everyday. Theres lots of groups of people that do this, they call it 365 challenge or what have you. They post it to flickr or other group photo thingies <---crafting 365!!!!. I'm always quite impressed that people have the time to do this everyday, take the photo, upload it and then put on their site. I'm also sort of jealous that they have a photo journal and I have none at all. This is what I will try this year. I will not be posting it to a public group, as I think that I will end up trying to take 'good' photos if I think people are looking. It probably wouldn't be an honest account of my day. I would end up putting on lipstick (which I don't own) or brushing my hair (which i do every other day at this point oh dear!). It sounds like I will also be able to see what I really look like and end up brushing my hair because that is sort of necessary. HA!
Heres a few things I have been working on, fiddling with, trying anew.

I started this idea because my four sisters and I exchange one gift for Christmas, This year the theme was 'handmade'. I made her a white woven scarf. She lives in New Orleans and it is currently 76 degrees. I wasnt thinking there, was I. Sorry sis. I was just so excited.

Oh I hope my mom doesnt read this until she gets this scarf! Her favorite color is purple, and its COLD outside. Yes, it's cold outside where SHE lives.

I made a loom out of a plank of wood that has been in my car. It's there in case I get stuck in the dunes? Really. So since I wont be in the dunes for a few months, I have repurposed it with some paper to cover up the dirt, and some nails to make the loom part. The nail on the right with the head was the wrong kind. The yarn does not slide off of the head easily, use a headless nail when you try.

I tried feeding the yarn through just with my hands, but three hours and two scarves later I got the bright idea that real weavers use a tool to feed the fiber much faster through the loom. Here is yarn wrapped around cardboard.

If you are getting that warm fuzzy feeling and NEED your own scarf, visit my cousins etsy shop. She has made a super duper loom for herself, and weaves the most gorgeous yarns into scarflettes. They are perfect for everyday/all day wear. They are little enough to not flop all over yourself but warm enough that you dont think of heat all day. They are pretty hip too, I must say.

Heres her work: LilybirdDesigns


I fiddled with a little stitching. I love this little pocket ornament. Im working on projects for NEXT years Holiday shows. Its easy to brainstorm now, when Im in the warm fuzzy Holiday mood. Its not as easy in August when its 100 degrees out and all I can think of is lemonade.

This felt ornament is glued and stitched, double sided (different color hearts on each side tickle the pants off me). There is a small pocket inside to put your wishes in, your secrets, anything. I will refine the idea and see what comes of it. Would you buy an ornament at christmas? I got one this year that was very special. I think if i customized a few with "first christmas" etc, that might work.

The paper would be small enough to be tucked inside, the photo is just to show that there is a pocket.


Clearly, I dont know what to do in this category.

This one has been sitting on my desk for a month now. They will be fun, and silly, and colorful...if I finish them!! Starting this makes me realize why people get addicted to felt.


This is a photo of packing orders. It doesnt usually look this crazy. Thats why I took a photo.

and finally..


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lilybirddesigns said...

Thanks Crystal for the scarflette plug! I had no idea you were weaving a scarf...that's awesome!