the little things, dunes

Here's a little glimpse of another tiny world.

I found this in the dunes last fall. They were next to the cranberry bog where I got my Thaksgiving cranberries. I used my camera as an extra set of eyes, as these were SOO tiny, that I could barely see what was going on until I viewed this through the camera screen.

The colors are so amazing to me. The whole frame of top image was about one inch of space.

I recently saw an exhibit called "Bodies Revealed", (which has been quite controversial), where actual humans bodies are disected into different masses. Some are just muscle, some are just veins. These photos remind me of the "branches" in the lungs that deliver the air into your blood. They also had an exhibit on nerves, and those were a lot like branches too. I'm constantly fascinated with the similarities that things in nature share with eachother.

Here's a tree that I found during this photo shoot.

I love how the photographer is the one who decides on the "truth".


High Desert Diva said...

The hand in the bottom photo was a surprise! Got me!

Callooh Callay said...

Beautiful photos. That last one reminds me of photos taken next in front of the leaning tower of Pisa, where if you get far enough away you can look like you're holding it up.

Lookability said...

I love that first photo... though I'm not exactly sure what it is :)

shopPOPKO said...

thanks! its a macro shot of some mossy, organic-y stuff. i dont know what to call it, but the second photo shows what it looks like from further away.