Glitter Rings - Contest

I still havent decided on an official name for these. I've listed them in my shop under Glitter Monster Rings ...for now. I like it!
But- As promised, Ive chosen three names that I like best from the entries. Please vote in the poll on the left so someone can get a prize! It's really fun to give things away! (if my name is chosen the one with the 2nd most votes WINS)
and yes, you can vote for yourself!

Thanks for helping me share my glittery goodies!
UPDATE: 3/21/09- The winning poll vote is coltpixy, so choose your favorite color and I will send it on over!


coltpixy said...

*faints* I am so excited! Thank you!!

pohoda00 said...

These are so FUN! I can't wait to see the other combos...