Contest! Name my little monsters.

These are my newest little adorables! They are like little glitter monster. They are a form of the glitter pop rings that I currently carry in the shop. These will be rings also, possibly other products as well, bit I'm starting them out as rings. These aren't ready to go out just yet. I still need to grind the edges, finish them off and add the ring base. I also have different designs coming out, with matching eye sizes and multiple eyes and dont forget the cyclops. I can't help myself but show them off before they are ready. They make me smile and get all googly over them, pun intended.

SOOOOO...whats the contest? THEY NEED A NAME!

--Name my googly eyed glitter monster rings--
Yes, that seems to be a fitting name, but if you leave a comment below with your name idea and I choose it, you lose rights to the name but you WIN A RING! You can even choose the color that you want.

Currently the color choices are:
-Antique Silver
I am going to be listing them in my shop by the end of the week, but the contest will be open until I find a suitable name, (even if I list them in my shop with a fake name before that). If I choose a name that I thought of myself and DON'T choose one of your ideas, I will pick my top three from the comments below, have a short poll vote and send a prize to that winner. If there are two of the same ideas, I will put both into the drawing. (that way even if you are really not a creative thinker you can still play).

So, get your thinking caps on and get your sillies out....Let's hear your ideas in the comments below!
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coltpixy said...

They are too cute! How about "POPkins"?
I want to say POPkiens, POPko + Aliens but they are cute and POPkins sounds cuter.

Celeste said...

"Monsters from the Glittery Lagoon"

contact me at:

I've got a giveaway on my blog too...go enter! :)

Digital Misfit said...

too cute!
I would name them Kooky Monsters because of their wild and fun eyes!



Eye popper rings
Eye popping rings
Popper Dopper Rings


very cute rings by the way

shopPOPKO said...

i love these ideas so far!

RitaSmeeta said...

Oh, I like "popkins" as suggested by coltpixy!

Here are my suggestions:

Glitter Misters
Glittering GlitterRings lol!

The Divine Miss A said...

I love coltpixie's idea of Pop-kins.

I thought they could be Pop-eyed monsters or something similar.

Angie said...

Bug Eye Rings

Eye Spy Rings

Fun! Cool Rings!

shopPOPKO said...

great! i cant believe i have had such a blank for names, these are all so good! i like the play on words you are all using, right up my alley.
im hoping to get some in the shop today...but not with a name yet! i might use one in this list, but still keeping it open for more enries!

Ashley Pahl Design Studio said...

Googly Glitter Goblins!

That's my entry :)

ashley @ ashleypahl.com

Ann Marie Popko said...

GOOG Collection

Anonymous said...

I THINK YOU SHOULD CALL THEM "SCHPOOGLES" or if thats too foreign sounding then "POOGLES" theyre cute and goofy. i want one!!

shopPOPKO said...

Okay so I cant choose! I listed them in my shop under a temporary (maybe) name, i am having a poll now to choose a winner. Fun!