Martha Stewart Craft Room Contest!

image via martha stewart contest courtesy of bluepoppyjewelry

Show her your craft room! I know you all have one..so now all you have to do is wash those 12 old coffee mugs lying around, open the curtains, scrub your desk, take out the trash, move the newsprint off the floor, wrangle your paintbrushes, replace the tape, water the plant, hang pretty spools of ribbon somewhere, recycle the beer bottles, hide away the candy wrappers, put out something that looks crafty, and take a photo. Easy peasy!

image: bluepoppyjewelry studio

Marthas got a contest that ends 11/11/09. I don't know the prize or the real details, but even if you dont want to enter, but like to look at everyones craft rooms like me, head here. And also click here to see all the pretty rooms (entires) to inspire you to get a cleanin'.

Your Crafts Room

"Martha created a crafts room in her attic where
she keeps all of her crafts supplies organized.
Where do you create your projects? Share
your own creative refuge now!"

Deadline: 11/11/09

ps- theres only 58 submissions, and it looks to me like there a lot of room left for your studio to win! (unless I beat you to it!)

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