Thursday Three! (friday edition)

This weeks top picks for the Thursday Three! I thought I would pick the ones that went well with the fall theme & holiday feel that I'm gearing up for lately. Enjoy!

Ruby Red Glitter Slippers by lilcubby

These little slippers are adorable. Thats it, adorable. Imagine these at thanksgiving, and every dinner party after that!

Fall in Love by Retrofied

This bag is perfect! I've actually seen these bags first hand, as I had ordered a few for my friends last year as bridesmaids gifts. I got the ones that were reversible (yes she has reversible bags!) and it was really well made and the perfect size for everything. The best part about gift-giving and being reversible, is that you double your chances of them loving the pattern. Right? I just wish I had my own! Go get yours now.

Wedding Tree Genealogy Chart by melangerienyc

Look closely at this gorgeous soon-to-be heirloom piece. It shows whos related to the bride and groom with a color key. This would work for any season, but these orange and pink leaves really tickle me.

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