Sneak Peek! New Butterfly Wing Things! and a lobster pot christmas tree...

Holy toldeo, this is going to be a good one! I'm releasing them next week but couldn't wait to show off the firsties of the batch.

Real Butterfly wing pocket mirrors. YES!
I have to price them out, take photos for the shop, and make enough for the show next week.
(Have I mentioned that yet?)

Right now I have to put work away and get PACKING! Where am I going?
Truro, of course. o the tip of the state for the weekend!
I'm going to the Cape to build the Lobster Pot Christmas Tree in Provincetown, MA.

(base layer of the 2008 tree, note the trailer full inthe background)

Its my dads project, and the family builds it together. He makes the topper, which is a whopper of a topper if you ask anyone. This is the 5th or 6th year we've done it. After this weekend I will remember how many. In any case, its BIG- both in size and impact and BIG on love! We love doing it, the town loves it, win win.
Updates about the big build after the weekend. Ciao!

(cant resist putting a bow on the 3 year old. 2008 tree pre-topper)

oh yeah, and theres a live webcam too! I'll plug in the link in the morning so you can watch me climb and stack about 80+ lobster traps into a pyramid formation. What are YOU doing this weekend?

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