Equinox and the Egg

Its the Vernal Equinox!

Folk tales from various European countries claim that only on the March equinox day, one can balance an egg on its point.

So, I set out to see this for myself. The first time I stood it on end, it tumbled right over. I thought, maybe its because the package has been tilted in the fridge for so long. It MUST stand UP! I tried again, maybe it was an uneven surface, I thought. I moved to the next table. Nothing. Maybe the surface was to slick. I placed it on a cloth and it stayed there for a moment (I was so still and so excited...it was working! it was really working! I think I can feel the earths gravitational pull getting lighter!), before rolling right over again. I changed egg colors, from brown to white, surely it was the wrong brand of egg, maybe the next will work. Nope. Roll, roll, roll. Apparently there is also a "perfect time" for this as well. Where I am, it should be 12:57pm.
I will try again at noon.

Oh how I want my egg to stand up!

Here's the photo shoot I had with my eggs.

******Happy Spring******


Jen Vecc said...

thanks for the afternoon giggle... i needed it! :)

shopPOPKO said...

also, dont ask why i have so many different colors of eggs in the fridge!
and this was a skewed test, because apparently it WOULD've stood up at 12:57AM. thats AM!