This weekend I got the opportunity to advertise
on a FANTASTIC and gorgeous blog for 30 days!

click on this banner and scroll to see my banner ad in all its glory

I've actually been visiting it for about a year now. They just moved over from blogspot to wordpress, which to me (as a small business gal), lets me know that they are getting more serious.

So, I got a flashing ad for it. I made the three images myself on my silly little photo program. Then I begged and whimpered in the Etsy forums for some help. PromosInASnap came to my rescue! Thanky you! I don't really know HOW it was created, but now theres a link and code and all the bells and whistles that you need for a little flashing ad.

She whipped up the code that I needed to make it blink and flash and make my ad look all fancy pancy. Then the Nole gal inputs the code to her blog and connects my shop link to it. Ive been meaning to make one of these for about a year now so that I could take out blinky ad spots in other places. Now I can!

Its the blog that goes along with the site Nole Style and Beauty Indulgence. I think the images are pretty, and its sort of a soothing place to hang out while shopping and reading.

Thank you to the two people that made my day- Ayana and MissPromos!


DivaDea said...

Your shop name in the three different colors is a good idea - looks great!

Waterrose said...

great little blinky ads!

Karma by Morgan said...

congrats that is awesome! I hope it works for you ;)

Jen Vecc said...

looks super great! :)