Another Newsletter!

Could this be TRUE?

Yes, I finally learned how to use HTML in a way that I can add photos with links in my newsletter! This was a big feat. Well, not huge, but it took a solid two hours to write this letter! My last update was in November, and I am on a roll! Thanks to PamperingBeki for giving me the key to the mysterious codes.

The winner of my newsletter drawing is SHERI! Once I hear back from this gal, I will post a photo of her delightfully FREE pendant...or ring...or lavender sachet! Oh the suspense!

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the little things, dunes

Here's a little glimpse of another tiny world.

I found this in the dunes last fall. They were next to the cranberry bog where I got my Thaksgiving cranberries. I used my camera as an extra set of eyes, as these were SOO tiny, that I could barely see what was going on until I viewed this through the camera screen.

The colors are so amazing to me. The whole frame of top image was about one inch of space.

I recently saw an exhibit called "Bodies Revealed", (which has been quite controversial), where actual humans bodies are disected into different masses. Some are just muscle, some are just veins. These photos remind me of the "branches" in the lungs that deliver the air into your blood. They also had an exhibit on nerves, and those were a lot like branches too. I'm constantly fascinated with the similarities that things in nature share with eachother.

Here's a tree that I found during this photo shoot.

I love how the photographer is the one who decides on the "truth".


Equinox and the Egg

Its the Vernal Equinox!

Folk tales from various European countries claim that only on the March equinox day, one can balance an egg on its point.

So, I set out to see this for myself. The first time I stood it on end, it tumbled right over. I thought, maybe its because the package has been tilted in the fridge for so long. It MUST stand UP! I tried again, maybe it was an uneven surface, I thought. I moved to the next table. Nothing. Maybe the surface was to slick. I placed it on a cloth and it stayed there for a moment (I was so still and so excited...it was working! it was really working! I think I can feel the earths gravitational pull getting lighter!), before rolling right over again. I changed egg colors, from brown to white, surely it was the wrong brand of egg, maybe the next will work. Nope. Roll, roll, roll. Apparently there is also a "perfect time" for this as well. Where I am, it should be 12:57pm.
I will try again at noon.

Oh how I want my egg to stand up!

Here's the photo shoot I had with my eggs.

******Happy Spring******



This weekend I got the opportunity to advertise
on a FANTASTIC and gorgeous blog for 30 days!

click on this banner and scroll to see my banner ad in all its glory

I've actually been visiting it for about a year now. They just moved over from blogspot to wordpress, which to me (as a small business gal), lets me know that they are getting more serious.

So, I got a flashing ad for it. I made the three images myself on my silly little photo program. Then I begged and whimpered in the Etsy forums for some help. PromosInASnap came to my rescue! Thanky you! I don't really know HOW it was created, but now theres a link and code and all the bells and whistles that you need for a little flashing ad.

She whipped up the code that I needed to make it blink and flash and make my ad look all fancy pancy. Then the Nole gal inputs the code to her blog and connects my shop link to it. Ive been meaning to make one of these for about a year now so that I could take out blinky ad spots in other places. Now I can!

Its the blog that goes along with the site Nole Style and Beauty Indulgence. I think the images are pretty, and its sort of a soothing place to hang out while shopping and reading.

Thank you to the two people that made my day- Ayana and MissPromos!


Deal of the Day!

I've got a new section in my shop called "Deal of the Day"! Guess what it is? It's the deal of the day! Genius! I thought it would be fun to reduce the price of ONE item in my shop everyday. I will choose this item when I sign on the morning, and once it sells you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see whats on sale! This is good news for all of the people who have been dying for something from my shop, but wish that it was a few dollars less, or free shipping. It seems like fun to me. How about you?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To all the mailing list members, I will be sending out your special deals in a newsletter very very soon. (Something tells me it just might coincide with the launch of my new butterfly wing rings. Wing rings..wing rings..wing rings. I love saying it too.)
My next big sale will be hosted by the Etsy Glass Artists. Its not for another month (and I don't know if I can release the date just yet). So if you haven't joined the mailing list..scroll to the bottom of the page!


Sneak Peek...Butterfly RINGS!

These have been a long time in-the-works. They are in the final stages of design and testing, and im SO ANXIOUS to get them out there for everyone. I just want to shout it out I HAVE WING RINGS (wait! soon sooooon, dont stampede just yet)! Im still testing the strength and the underside of the design, and don't want to release them and have them come back to me. Ever. So, at least I have all the components together for once. YAY!
Heres a sampling of what's to come to the Popko Shop next.....

Real Butterfly Wing Rings The cup sterling silver, the base is silver plated in a gorgeous hammered pattern. Chunky and solid and fabulous. And adjustable! Exactly what I wanted. I hope its exactly what YOU wanted too!
I will certainly give an update the second these are up for grabs and special order. Seriously, Im squirming over here. I couldnt be happier.