Comparison Shopping

Vermeer, woman with a balance
With all the talk about the recession, how to save money, and 'what do we deserve to buy' in excess- of course I have to think about my own business. No one really needs a necklace, do they? Yes. They do. I make things that are important. Some of my works are real heirlooms and may be passed down through generations, others are hostess gifts simply made just to ignite a smile. They make people happy, and thats important to me.

So this is not a heavy post, because when discussing jewelry it should always be about how good it makes you feel whether you can afford it or not. Who hasn't gone to the jewelry store just to try on something they could never have? Its FUN!

Women have always liked to dress up. The photo above has modern day models enjoying some delights from the luxurious Boudoir Queen on etsy, which evoke another era. Oh to be wrapped up in that decadence!

Well, you CAN have the feeling of decadence without paying the price.
I actually heard the word 'recessionista' as a new term for people shopping on a budget. Its totally ridiculous to me, as only someone with way too much money would coin that. All the rest of us call 'recessionista shopping'....well, SHOPPING.

I am here to help you with some comparison shopping to make us all feel good about designer prices and handmade designer prices....

Ceil Chapman Dress $865

"HANDMADE DESIGN"Boudoir Queen Dress, less than $865.

(I crack myself up. This is in her sold section so I dont know the price. Her corsets go for about $250 though. (And this dress is clearly better.)

(warning: shameless plug ahead)


Barneys New York, $2000, yes- two grand


Yes, me! PoPkO!, $65

and why would I end the shamless plugs now, its MY blog....

"DESIGNER" Neiman Marcus Crystal Flower Ring, $245


You guessed it...PoPkO!, $8

So have fun with shopping on a budget, and when you need to get something pretty, head over to your local boutique that carries handmade things. Or head to etsy- specifically my shop, (oh no did I say that out loud?). No, I mean it. Head to etsy for ANYTHING. Even soap. Everyone needs soap. And if you dont want to splurge on a tissue box cozy, go get something that is worth spending money on- like an heirloom piece of jewelry, or a scrapbook that holds memories- things that will last. And also get some soap.

I want to thank Vermeer, for letting me post his incredible painting in a blog about shopping.


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I couldn't agree with you more! And yes, what a funny coincidence that we were writing about a similar topic.


~ tracychong ~ said...

Oh I love your comparisons :) Your ring is even sparklier!