POLL RESULTS - sale preferences

I hosted a short poll on this blog a few days ago. Here's the results!

What kind of sale floats your boat (items in my shop):

20% Off - 6 votes (21%)
Free Shipping - 16 votes (57%)
Buy 2 Get One Free - 2 votes (7%)
Free Gift w/ Purchase - 1 vote ( 3%)
Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off - 3 votes ( 10%)
28 voters total

57% want free shipping!
I know this was only a short poll, and really doesnt speak for everyone, but it DOES tell me something. People don't like to pay for shipping!

This is why I'm having a FREE SHIPPING SALE in my shop this week! HOORAY!

If you didn't get to take the poll when it was up, comment below and let me know YOUR favorite kind of sale. Thanks!

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