Through the Looking Glass

This is the newest necklace in a collection of mirrored jewelry. Its reflective! OOH! This pendant has a mirror set into a hand poured plastic over a brushed metal disc. Its smooth, glassy & clear and the mirror is really fun to play with. You can check your teeth or light a piece of paper on fire
(I didn't suggest that, I am not liable I am not liable!!)
OR...you can reflect the light onto someone to flirty flirt with them. How about an S.O.S?

I call this Through the Looking Glass, after the Lewis Carol book, with Alice and her mirror adventures. Quite whimsical I say.


I also wanted to list this today to show everyone that the newsletter winner from this month will be wearing one of these lovelies very soon!

Congratulations to K.L. from Arizona was drawn to win the small version (seen in photo above). I hope you find something wonderful on the other side of "The Glass"!

If YOU want to join in the fun, and be entered to the monthly drawing, join my mailing list on the left column in my blog. Cheers!

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