Behind the Scenes : Studio

Just a quick post for all the voyeurs out there! These are a few shots I just took of things happening on the studio table. I dont know about you,
but I always love looking at other peoples stuff.

Photo rocks. I put my jewelry on top of these for photo shoots. See the one with holes in it? Thats the one I drill my fused glass onto. Its probably not the best thing to drill into with a diamond bit, but it works for me.

Tools I use often. I use everything with a red handle just about every day.

I have a lot of little jewelry boxes on my table, holding different assortments of things. The little earrings are glass studs that I made for my last show, but photographing them for the etsy shop is soooo time comsuming. Ive been procrastinating with that one.

Real butterfly wing pendants, getting ready for a boutique in South Carolina.

Lacy white earrings made of metal. Love them! This is part of the product shoot I did the other day, soon to go into the shop, in the next week. Im travelling alot until next Wednesday or Thursday, so my schedule is a little unpredictable for the week.
Next up: the Friday goal post!

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