Friday : The goal post (on Tuesday)

Did I meet my goals this week?
Here are some of my goals from this week, mon-fri:
(yeah, okay you caught me, this was for last week, but it flew by)
Okay, goals for the week June 22-26:
1- figure out recycling/ trash schedule problem thingie with DPW
2- ship out order for boutique
3- get all new orders out
4- order supplies x 2 (i always procrastinate on mega ordering day)
5- exercise
6- write in my blog x 2
7- buy black shoes
8- get new printer
9- update my flickr
10-list new things on etsy

What I accomplished:
(Success 1-10, 10 being the best)
1- trash- well, i did that today, 4 days late, but im in cahrge and am taking full credit for accomplishing that SUCCESS 10
2- order shipped! done! and i even did a photo shoot with it before sending. see picture below (part of the order) SUCCESS 10
3- get all orders out -eh, this one was tricky, due to weather, supplies, and timing, AND what you consider 'all orders', does custom count? i need to be more precise when i give myself a task or i will skirt around it. SUCCESS 7 (because i wasnt clear with what this goal meant)
4- I did order the supplies, but BOTH orders came incorrectly. For one, I had given the wrong codes and got the worng items, the next was their fault for giving all the wrong things. So I have to reorder EVERYTHING. harumph. SUCCESS 10

5- exercise- I went for a canoe ride, and did some push ups. lame. SUCCESS 1

6- write blog x 2- i wrote once SUCCESS 5

7- got them! i had been putting off that task for two years. SUCCESS 10

8- heaven sent, my father GAVE me his printer. magical day. SUCCESS 10
9- flicker updated! SUCCESS 10

10- new things on etsy right now! though i did that today, so it doesnt count. that counts for this week. SUCCESS 0

TOTAL SCORE out of 100: 73
Well, its better than last week! I still dont think its a great score though. Next week I will try for more (well, THIS week)
Success of this post: 100!

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