Etsy Handmade Weddings: featuring...ME! (okay, ALL the Popko sisters)

How exciting! My sister AnnMarie wrote an article for the Etsy Storque (their blog) about my Handmade Wedding! I knew she wrote it, but we didnt know when it would be published.

Today I was feeling a little bogged down with work and orders and my public art project that was due last week. But my frown just turned upside down for sure!

I went to the etsy homepage a few minutes ago... and there was a photo of me and all my sisters!

Here's the article that she wrote in its entirety. AnnMarie runs two shops on etsy, superduper for headpieces, and things to wear and a few vintage supplies, and also her gourmet pecan shop, cocktailparty. Way to go AnnMarie!


coltpixy said...

What a beautiful group of women!

You've received a blog award... http://coltpixy.com/2009/06/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Chris said...

How beautiful! I almost did the mismatched dresses thing myself, but in the end I changed my mind. I kind of wish I did go with it, but oh well.

Your wedding looks lovely :)

P.S. I'm super excited to get my ring and necklace!