Friday : The goal post.

Did I meet my goals this week? I feel like every week just runs into the next. Working at home, there are no days off, nothing to divide your week into working and not working times. I'm always working. Sort of. I can take time off to visit with my neice when I want to. I can go grocery shopping at noon. I can do things during the day that I wouldnt be able to do if I worked for someone else. But its very tricky balancing it all, at least it is for me.

Here are some of my goals from this week, mon-fri:

(Let me be clear, goals and responsibilities/commitments are not the same. I want to include "throw a surprise baby shower for my sister" into the goals I accomplished, but thats not really a goal, its a plan and event that was already in place. So I cant fluff up my accomplishments.)

Okay, goals for the week:
1-find some new inspirations
2-design something new for summer shows
4-make one new thing per day, in addition to things I have to make for orders
6-shower everyday
7-find one new place to advertise
8-update my blog
9-update my flickr
10-list new things on etsy

What I accomplished:
(Success 1-10, 10 being the best)
1-I went to the mall to see whats in fashion in a mainstream place. The jewelry at the mall was very depressing. It was really cheap. And girls were clamoring for it and purchasing it everywhere. I have to remind myself that mine is different. But I DID get inspired by this and also got some new ideas. SUCCESS 9
2-I designed one new thing, a whale in polymer clay. I am selling things on the pier this year and want nautical, whale, fish themed things. I dont know what to do with thr whale, but hes cute! Maybe a pin? A pendant? SUCCESS 5

3- I only had half a cup on Monday morning, prior to making this decision. I've been drinking my favorite earl grey all week long. Probably three huge cups a day. SUCCESS 10

4-SUCCESS 1, just the whale thingy, but i DID buy new supplies!

5-I played with my neice twice, tossing her over my head as many times as I could, then throwing her on my back and running till I was out of breath..does this count? SUCCESS 1

6- I usually shower every 3-4 days. shush. I showered three times this week. SUCCESS 7
7- I contacted a great blog that I think I can get onto in August! SUCCESS 10

8- blog, Three times, in two days. Good, but I need to space them out! SUCCESS 10

9- flickr- Eh, it was a lame update, but I made new contacts, and accomplished the update. SUCCESS 10

10-nope, no new listings on etsy. ACk, this one makes me feel bad. But theres always the weekend, right? SUCCESS 0

TOTAL SCORE out of 100: 63
I think I like this game! It really opened my eyes. 63 is NOT a good score.
Success of this post: 100!
ps-I found these great free stock photos on a website called stock xchng.


LillyShayStyle said...

My only goal is to lose a certain amount of weight each week. I'm not organized enough to have too many goals, lol.

shopPOPKO said...

oh, dont worry, me neiher (not organized), this is the satrt of me TRYING to get it together. otherwise all i get accomplished is the things i am responsible for, nothing else, i want to do more, grow more! more more more! we'll see how it goes!