Easthampton Bearfest makes the news! Unveiling of the Bears

(for those just joining, I was an artist chosen/commissioned to decorate a bear for the town of Easthampton, details to follow all week!)

Easthampton Bearfest on the News! Yesterday was a huge success, with the unveiling of the 30+ decorated fiberglass bears. I will be posting my process of this project through this week. Ive mentioned it before on the blog, but now that they are finally unveiled I can show you all the details, and behind the scenes of how I made MY bear. Mines the first one in the video, the little green one. Then Im at the very end in the "Nature" shirt, hamming it up next to my bear while people took photos (and apparently the news station was too!).

Here's the link, unfortunately I couldn't get it to embed properly.

Easthampton Bear Fest


Anonymous said...

I love your bear! It's one of my favorites! :)

-- Lori Claxton
Easthampton, MA

Jen Vecc said...

it looks so great! good job :)

Stereoette said...

Your bear is so amazing! i've been a fan of your fused glass work for AGES but i think you should definitely try to do more projects like this for yourself or your business! the coupling of fused glass and mosaic is wonderful.