Easthampton Bearfest, artist proposal: Getting Comissioned for Public Art

This was such a great project to get involved in. After completing the bear, going to the opening, seeing all the positive responses, I know it was all worth the crazy time and effort.

I titled this "getting comissioned for public art", but it was honestly an open call to artists, a juried contest of sorts. We were rewarded with money to make the bear, so I can call it getting comissioned. This is just one way to look at it if you are planning to build a resume. Luckily they DID pay us, because I used every penny on glass and nippers and glue. I will write a whole post on that too, don't worry.

How did I get comissioned? I submitted a proposal.
A long time ago, maybe 5 or 6 months ago, my dad had cut out a "call to artists" from the newspaper and sent it to me. Sometimes I read his crazy clippings "pierogi pincher needed" is one that I have gotten from him more than twice. I saw the call for bear proposals, and put it aside. A month passed and saw it in another paper. I thought I should really try it. It's local, it's cute, I love bears. So I tend to think about ideas before I fall asleep. I thought this one out, but still like to mill it around for a while, as I can be a little pokey. I decided the week it was due that I should try for it. All that can happen is that they say no. I usually live my life with this in mind, and you wouldnt believe the things that can happen if you just go ahead and try!
I followed their guidelines, and drew out my idea. Two bears, the mama and baby sitting side by side. The mama had her head sticking out of the glass "bushes" and the baby sat next to her. This was to be done in glass and grout. The drawing was terrible. I submitted it at 2:59pm the last day you could submit. They were due at 3pm.
I also didn't know that they would be mounting them on matboard and displaying them publicly! AHH! I thought for sure that mine wouldnt make it. I knew I had a good idea, and that it would look great translated into glass, but it would take a little imagination. Luckily the judges had imaginations. HUGE imaginations. I was notified that I had been one of the 30 artists chosen out of 129 submissions. It was such a great day! I didnt get both bears, just one baby bear (which, thank god I only got one, more on that later). Read my acceptance post here.
Next post about the bears : "Getting started"

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Wild Sage Lampwork said...

Your bear is ADORABLE! You should be real proud. Loved the video. You should post it on the EGA blog. Congrats!