Before & After - Painting "the shed"

I am a HUGE fan of before & after's. I can't get enough of them, whether its a home remodel, hair makeover, upcycling, wardrobes, painting...anything- I want to see it! So when I took on a painting project with my sister this summer, I made sure to snap a pic to see how it improved.

Theres a communal storage and laundry shed at the little place that my family stays at in the summer. Its been an eyesore for..ever. It sort of started blending in and no one really noticed how bad it was. You know, when you don't see things that are right in front of you for too long?

Well, my sister wanted to go nautical, since its on the beach. Good idea, but the navy we had planned was too dark. The red door would have been amazing and the white would've gotten a little bit dirty after a while. So we ditched the nautical.
Pastels are easy on the eyes, but are too "Golden Girls". This isn't Miami, its Cape Cod.

We decided on this:
Above: My golden girl, with a gorgeous sunshine yellow and blue
Below: The halfway point... little helper and dad drawing the dividing line with a level. The buoys were all faded and my sister re-painted them ALL with bright fun colors.

Above: what you don't see is the fish pond that we extracted and replaced with a lobster trap. The pond served as a place for fish to die, and wiffle balls to live.
We thought the trap was a good solution.


We still havent put the buoys and decorations up properly, thats another day. I think this came out great, and its definately CHEERY now.

What do you think?
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