Behind the Scenes...Etsy spotting on Apartment Therapy

I LOVE apartment therapy. The name says a lot, its my therapy when I want to just browse smart ideas. I love home decor and solutions, and theres a lot to look through on this site. Take a quick peek, after reading this of course, and see what I'm talking about. Also scroll down to the bottom to see other sites that are just as delicious, like re-nest and ohdeedoh. FUN!
Heres some shots taken inside the Etsy HQ in Brooklyn NY, by Maxwell of AT. I know I have a lot of etsy readers, so I thought you might like this. This, does not look like the Martha Stewart craft room! What a mess! It looks more like mine, oh dear...
Below is the place that they held the classes, which are being discontinued soon. They have decided to put ther efforts towards more (possible lucrative) online ventures. Swell idea, I say. I have always wanted to open my own place for things like this, hosting classes by different people. Or a place people could rent out.
To see more photos, there a complete slideshow over on AT. Check it out and see more behind-the-scenes shots here.
Ciao! Miss PoPkO


Chris said...

Very cool! Yeah, I'd have to agree that this place looks more like my workspace than any pretty Martha magazine workspace. But it's real and you can tell LOTS of work gets done there :)

Spelfenmeisje said...

I love their sciccors stand! I want one of those!! Thanks for sharing these great pics :)