Deal of the day - is bugging moi

I need a little color in the winter! Heres a fun photo of my colleagues. Im not in it since Im taking the photo. I LOVE these people. Each and every one of them.
We made this parade float in 2006 and won a trophy. Now, back to my scheduled message....
I started to post my "deal of the day" in my blog, but really it's just getting in the way of my fabulous, earth shaking, news breaking, intellectual posts about feathers and glass and such. I like to advertise, but I don't want my little blurbs to start taking over. I think what I will try is having a little box in the left column that links to my deal o'the day. Once the day is over, I can change it up, and no one cares what last thursdays deal was anyways.

So thats THAT!

p.s- Ive ammended this weeks post about superduper and her feather concoctions, added some more photos and included ways to wear them. Check it out!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I like that new format for deal of the day, good call!

Anonymous said...

I saw your peace leaf pendant on Flickr, and loved it. Aren't you working with with leaves anymore?

shopPOPKO said...

SUPER! I hadn't made any for a while now. I did a custom order recently though! I usually find that I do series of things at a time and move on until I get inspired again. Which i suppose is silly if people are enjoying them. So thank you for letting me know you liked them! I did start working with peacock feathers in the settings though, and those are coming out really pretty. I am going to be working on setting a whole bunch of different things. I have already tried mirror, trhead and branches. I sold my birch bark pendant but will try more organic things in the future as well.