Whole world in my hands...or shop rather.

Yes! Its TRUE! With Google Analytics for our etsy shops, we can now see where our traffic is coming from. It fascinates me, I can't get enough of it. This is a little graphic from the frist 13 days of having it installed. Thank you to everyone around the world who has come to my shop to see what I make. (Even if you just clicked by accident, you still saw my stuff so I'm still happy!)

1,168 visits from 44 countries! WOW!

677 Different cities around the world!

In my little shop!

Who's representin'?
Finland, France, Israel, Canada, US, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Cyprus, Peru, Guam, Norway, Bosnia, Chile, Poland, Honduras, South Korea, Turkey, New Zealand...to just name a few.
Hello World!


IfiHadaHammer said...

Wow! That's really cool. What is GA?

shopPOPKO said...

oops, its google analytics, i clarified in my post. i had written it in a first draft and then forgot when i pubslished.

i also have it installed on my blog.