New Glass Necklaces!

Today I am so thrilled to debut my colorful drops of glass and fun new ball chain necklaces! They seem to wiggle and move, and have more body than the sterling silver chains- which make them fun to photograph!
I haven't been focusing on the glass aspect of my business for a while, only because I have had some pretty big orders coming my way (well big for me!) in the butterfly jewelry department. I've got wholesale and brides and custom requests coming along, and forget about everything else when I get into that production mode. Which isnt a good idea! I find that whatever I focus on, sells best. Seems obvious, but its easy to forget. It can be hard to juggle different mediums, fusing glass in a kiln, making butterfly jewelry, pouring glitter rings. I have to remember to balance them. I am a libra and all.

Luckily, Ive got some NEW ball chains to offer with or without the pendants - glass is BACK and more fun than ever! Heres a fun pink one, kind of looks like candy to me. I only have one pink one for the fun of it, and have a lot of silver and black and gloden brass,
the more standard colors.

I thought this one would be a fun color splash in the spirit of valentines day
and all that lovey dovey stuff.
Are you more inclined to buy a pendant if it comes on a chain?

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IfiHadaHammer said...

Very cool! They make me want candy.