Shout Out!

This SHOUT OUT goes to AnnMarie of superduper fame!

This is her Deluxe Burlesque Flower Headpiece in lavender and silver. I cant resist this glamourous look! Theres a photo in the listing (if you click on it) that shows the different colors she has and they each have their own personality. I can see wearing this to any event really, or a really lame event to make it an insta-party! Yahoo!

I like that the feather is a sort of gray and moody, lending to the idea that the person wearing it is from another era. "Victorian" is one of the new trends spotted by etsy recently, and this could certainly fit there too. I wore a "superduper" piece for my wedding and I now have something really special to wear that reminds me of the biggest party Ive hosted.

It puts me in a girly mood just having it lay on my dressing table.

Everyone ought to visit her shop to find all sorts of delights. But hurry, she JUST made her 100th sale and is on a roll! Way to go!

EDITORS NOTE: I want to add a side note here, and point out a comment that I received here about the feather pieces. It comes up A LOT and think its something that AnnMarie hears over and over again...
Heres the comment:

"These are really cool. I've always wanted to wear something like this (especially with feathers) but never felt like I could pull it off."

And this is my response: Yes, you CAN pull it off, silly dilly!! And theres a few ways to go about it. One is to attach the feather clip just a little lower than your ear, kind of tucked as if it was a flower in your hair. This makes it more of an addition to your hair than a hat-like piece. I wear the small feather clips in the back of my hair just above my low ponytails when I waitress, and they arent crazy looking, most people are delighted.

Heres a photo of me wearing my newest superduper piece, which isnt a big over-the-top piece, and would be easy to add to any wardrobe.

Another way to enable yourself to wear them without feeling like your heading to the kentucky derby is to find a color that blends with your look. If your hair is dark, get a black feather combo with maybe a sprig of blue or red to pop. This really adds volume to your hair, and a lot of pizazz without the look of a showgirl (though I dont know why anyone wouldn't want to look like a showgirl, they have so much fun!).

Heres a photo of my sister wearing one that shows how it can blend a little and still add glam.

You could also go the showgirl route for parties though. Everyone likes the gal that looks like she cared enough to dress up for the party. The nice thing about these is that all you have to do is clip and go. You really don't have to do much to look like a million bucks.


Chris said...

These are really cool. I've always wanted to wear something like this (especially with feathers) but never felt like I could pull it off. I'll have to check her shop out!

shopPOPKO said...

thank you chris, for your comment, it brought up a really important point, and ive ammended my post with more photos and ideas!