Full Moon Ski

I went on my first full moon ski on Jan 12 and it was FUN! I love to cross country ski, and as you can see, I rarely have both skis on the ground at once... oh, I was just hamming it up for the camera. We went out to the reservoir and followed the public footpaths. Its paved and plowed since it leads to the citys water supplies. There is a main road that cuts right down the middle of the reservoir, and looks like the arctic plains. Once it was dusk, I couldnt see the ground very well. There were a few clouds and kept getting darker. We had headlamps just in case, but didnt quite need them. Our eyes adjusted to the darkness and were able to keep at a quick pace. We did a big loop and headed home. Refreshing!

Where are YOU &what do YOU do for wintertime fun?


From Athena's Desk said...

Wow you have some amazing pictures there! You don't see that in a city! haha

shopPOPKO said...

thank you! western massachustts is very pretty...but COLD. i belong on a tropical island, really. so i put on a snowsuit to warm up instead!

kim* said...

haha love the 1 with foot in air