My new project, etsy glass blog

photo by aekeith
There has been a changing of the guard for the Etsy Glass Artists, sort of. The guard hasnt quite transferred, it more or less kicked us into super-teamwork mode. The two leaders that worked their hearts out for the team have decided to step away from the ega. Its been a busy week, picking up where they left off. Willowglass & Shoozles had spent sleepless nights and restless days working for the team, coordinating sales, writing the newsletter, managing the website, buying ads, wrangling the team together for everything. Theres probably not enough space in a blog to write down everything they have done for our team. So all I can really say now is THANK YOU.

(heres the new blog banner I made from a previous graphic, what do you think?)

So now that they are working independently again, the rest of the gang is working together to keep it going. I have volunteered to work with WildSageLampwork/Pam, to get the blog together, add content etc. We hadn't realy utilized our blogger account, so its starting from scratch basically. She's awesome, and knows what she's doing too!

We are enabling all the members to post when they want, and about anything. It should be interesting!

Beacuse of Pam, our blog is now hosting a group giveaway for One World One Heart.
Head over to the new Etsy Glass Artists blog and see whats new and to be entered into the drawing. All you have to do is leave comment on the EGA blog. 5+ Glass Gals have donated items to be given away, possibly to YOU!
So once you get there, take the poll, look around, tell me what you think? What would YOU like to see over there?


Wild Sage Lampwork said...

great idea with the poll! =}

Shoozles said...

Thanks Crystal - wishing you all the best glad the blog is going to be used I will visit often I am a big fan of all of yous as you know.