Environmental Art - plastic soda bottles for Christmas

Genius! I love when I come across an artist who makes it big with a simple idea.
The new Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out now, featuring a host of fancy pants things. One that struck me is Michelle Brand's gorgeous Cascade Lancashire Chandelier which retails for only $12,000. It's made with recycled plastic bottle bottoms, precisely cut-out into flower shapes , filed, and strung together (with little plastic tags that look like the ones in which clothing price tags are affixed, you know, with the gun). Genius again!
I've long been fascinated with mobiles and chandeliers made out of quirky things, and tried to make my own before. I thought I would make a business out of it once, buying an antique form to embellish, then realizing that the shipping/tangle issue would be too much for me and gave up. I could've been Michelle Brand.

Her message is to convey that we can be part of the solution to our big mess. Recycling can be beautiful (and lucrative).
Read an article here from naturalhome magazine for more info.

ps- thanks studio marcy for pointing out the neiman marcus catalog!!

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