NEW in the SHOP! Butterfly Wing Necklaces and a BLOG SPECIAL!

Hey folks! Ive got a slightly new design in the shop! I say slightly only because the new part is the bail. Its small. The part that has the little link that holds the chain..that's the bail. My other design has a large bail, its got a different feeling to it, maybe a little formal I would say. This new style I would call versatile. A little more casual even? I don't know how to call it exactly, but its my new favorite. The ones in the shop are the SMALL size, 20mm. I also have a LARGE 25mm, but just haven't photographed it quite yet.
I'll put the two styles together so you can see for yourself.
The first
three peeps to purchase one of these (or all three!) get $5 OFF! Mention this ad in the message to seller during checkout and I will refund you immediately.
NEW DESIGN (above)

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