Easthampton Bearfest Auction is heating up!

I'm definitely excited about tomorrow night, when the bears all head to the auction house!

If you are just hearing about this, I wrote a little bit in June, when the unveiling of the bears made the news. I am one if the artists commissioned by Easthampton City Arts to design a bear for the city of Easthampton Bearfest 2009. About 30 artists were chosen to decorate a bear any way they imagined. I chose to mosaic my bear cub with hand fused and shaped glass, and sheet glass.
photo above of him hiding in my yard before hitting the streets for the summer

My idea/bear was named "hiding bear" and I made the glass into leafy shapes like he was in a natural environment. I say it was my idea, but John helped me alot with designing the bear, he even helped me execute it. He frantically scribbled my proposal with me, and drove me to drop off the proposal, because I was still writing it on my way to the Arts building just minutes before the deadline. He helped me scrape grout too. I have to give him credit.
Plus I hes my best support crew, and possibly my biggest fan.

The idea of the auction is to raise money for Easthampton City Arts, who did a fantastic and professional job promoting the Bearfest and getting the community excited about the Arts, and excited to walk around. It may sound silly, but sometimes it takes a lot of work to get people out of the house and into the community. I think there were so many interesting and diverse bears out on the streets that everyone could relate to one of them. It really made the city come alive.

my cubs debut in June

Heres a few photos from the original unveiling.

The bears were being auctioned live online before tomorrows Live event in Easthampton. It was a thrill to watch because people bid on my bear! I was excited when I saw the first person bid when the opening bids started at $250. I was honored!
Then as time went on, people kept bidding... $300, $400, $550..It blew my mind!
I made something beautiful to other people!
Yesterday, the elementary school that John works at decided they needed to own it. In the course of one school day, they got enough people to pledge money towards the bear,
they raised over $700!
That really warmed our hearts.
Unfortunately, (and fortunately for the City Arts) they were outbid. Tonight was very exciting as the online bidding came to an end, and will open up tomorrow at the Live Gala Auction event. Do you want to know what the final bid was left at tonight? $1,225.00!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! Oh MY bear!
I cant wait to see WHO wins my bear, its starting to hit me that I might never see him again.

Next up...hiding bears new home...

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