Mushroom Picking!

You wouldnt believe how MANY photos i take with the intention of showing what I do (work, play).
Heres what I did last week. Mushroom picking in Cape Cod YAY! My father is Polish, and as any good Euopean knows, mushrooms are a treasure to be found and eaten. He LOVES to go mushroom picking (see photo above of unprovoked kissing of the mushroom).
Heres a few pics from the outing with one of my sissies and my dad.
Im in there too (with the blue shirt). Note socks pulled up over pants for easier tick spotting.

We headed out onto the sides of the roads looking for anything popping out of the scruffy brush. You have to find the ones without the ribbing, but sometimes you cant see the underside until you pick it. The photo above and left looks like Leanne Marshall dress, with all the pleating and layering.

This is the mushroom you want.

We sliced them up and layed them on a brown paper bag, resting in the sun for a few days. We had to keep moving them so that they didnt sit and rot, and get lots of air around them. They dried in about 3 humid days.


Diana P. said...

That looks like fun...and tasty too!

Anonymous said...

Are these wide mushrooms? I know some wild ones are poisonous - what are these? Looks like you got a bunch - I can't believe the size of that one.

Thanks for visiting my blog about our mushroom harvest.

shopPOPKO said...

honestly, i dont know what kind they are, but we like the kind with a spongy smooth bottom. NO PLEATS! these arent poisonous, and if we dont know for sure we dont eat it. i know its BIIG! though the big ones were mostly eaten underneath by bugs already. We didnt go out immediately after the rain.